Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elul - It's All About Detox, Baby!

Elul is the month where we say, "The King is in the Field," we note that E L U L is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase "Ani l'Dodi v'Dodi Li" ( I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine ), and the theme is Tshuva, which means to return to one's own core integral truth and authenticity. It has come to my attention that Elul is really all about detox - detoxing from Babylon / Matrix perceptions, detoxing from the opiates of false pride and self-deception, taking a reality bath in the sometimes cold light of the very Field where the King is waiting to meet us.
This world contains some very powerful spiritual toxins that work to dull our perceptions, distort our thinking and keep us enslaved to the short-term gratification cycle. Elul is the time to break the vicious cycle - and in the manner of a classic 12-Step program, intervention may be required. This is why The King (HaShem) is "in the Field" now, because only He can discern what kind of intervention may be required. Be assured that if you are indeed on the Tshuva Track you WILL meet The King - whether or not you actually recognize Him will depend on whether He thinks you can handle it or not - but in disguise or completely revealed, our G_d Whom we crown with Kingship daily in our prayers is truly, truly close at hand and He wants us to put down the spiritual crack pipe and take His Hand instead.

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  1. Hashem is there, we just need to reach out.

    sometimes it's hard for people to connect and feel it; but with practice, patience and determination, we can be successful

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