Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday is the new Monday

In Israel, Sunday is the new Monday. That is to say, it's officially the first day of the so-called "work" week, but in reality no one works very hard on Sunday, especially those who are still recovering from a vigorous Shabbat. At least that's the way things are in Jerusalem. It's common knowledge that Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays and Haifa works - so boker tov to all my friends in Haifa to whom "Yom Reshon" (the first day of the week, a.k.a. "Sunday") is a real work day. You're already doing whatever it is you do, we're still a little blurry around the edges. We may have dragged ourselves into a place of business to make a cursory appearance, but the level of attentiveness isn't really up to speed until ... Monday. Which is why the beef delivery van double-parked on Agrippas (which itself is now a 2-lane, 1-way street between Nissim Behar and the Shuk) can be spotted right next to the Kotex delivery van - normally a juxtapositon which makes the more machmir amongst us nervous.

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